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Why are mattresses so expensive?

Why are mattresses so expensive?

Why are mattresses so expensive? 900 600 Jonathan Swindle

A common question asked by consumers when it’s time to shop for a new mattress is, “Why are mattresses so expensive?” Are they really, though? Given that it’s one of the most-used items in your home and can directly affect your health and the quality of your sleep, it’s important that you invest in a good mattress. The initial sticker price may hurt to think about, but there are a few factors in determining why mattresses cost what they do and why it’s worth that cost.

Hidden Costs

Production costs, shipping costs, distributor or retailer markups. There is no second-hand mattress market for hygienic reasons, meaning consumers buy new mattresses when they need them and not when they want them, delaying purchases. Although this is beginning to change, until recently there were a limited amount of suppliers for the basic components of a mattress. Considering the law of supply and demand, those suppliers can afford to charge inflated prices due to offering a necessary product with little competition.

Materials and features influence cost

Common consensus tells us that a mattress should last 7-10 years with care, if not longer. When you consider the per-day use price, it is very low. Mattress prices generally rise depending on how durable the product is and how long its lifespan will be, although the materials used and the particular variety of mattress itself can have cost impacts. The amount and type of fabric used in a mattress can also impact selling prices. As a general rule, innerspring mattresses are the least expensive of the bunch, followed by all-foam mattresses, then hybrid pocketed coils, as well as latex foam mattresses. Another factor that can contribute to the expensive price tag is the border of the mattress, where borders that are hand-stitched can become more expensive than those that are stitched by machine or are quilted. A few of the other features include the number of coils, presence of cooling technology, compatibility with an adjustable base, density of memory foam if present and extra thickness of the mattress.

Lack of Consumer Knowledge

Consumers only buy a mattress once every 5-10 years, and it’s a product that is difficult to really gauge the quality since everyone has different sleep preferences and expectations. Due to the lack of transparency from manufacturers, customers have no idea what they are sleeping on. Many people may walk into a mattress store to shop without doing any sort of research into what different materials and features mean. With no reference point, how can one know if they’re getting a good deal, or even that they’re getting a mattress that addresses their needs?

Luckily, That Mattress Place Corpus Christi operates through a system known as Factory Direct, which allows us to eliminate the overhead of distribution that most mattress retailers have to face. Through this process, we are able to offer our mattress inventory at discounted rates between 40-70%. That Mattress Place also offers 90-day financing with a low initial payment. Call us at 361-244-6993 to set up a consultation with our staff or visit us during regular business hours in-store located at 3413 S Staples St.ive, Corpus Christi, Texas. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Instagram for satisfied customer reviews, promotions, and deals!

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