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September 2019

Deciding to Invest in an Adjustable Bed 1024 576 Jonathan Swindle

Deciding to Invest in an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have grown in popularity over the last few years thanks to a rise in selection and affordability in the regular market. They give users the ability to adjust to a range of different positions, which allows for maximum comfort while sleeping and can provide health benefits such as improved circulation and pain relief. Though long associated with hospital beds, newer adjustable beds can even include luxurious features like massagers and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Benefits of an adjustable bed

If you’ve wondered whether it would be a good idea to invest in an adjustable bed, consider the therapeutic benefits of owning one. People with adjustable beds are generally known to experience improved breathing and blood circulation. For those who suffer from various health problems, adjustable beds offer improved healing while decreasing issues like heartburn, sleep apnea, joint swelling and back pain.

How do you know if an adjustable bed is for you?

Do you typically experience discomfort in your back and shoulders when you wake each morning? An adjustable bed will be able to support you throughout the night with no special effort on your part.
Do you currently sleep with a pillow under or between your knees, or a mountain of pillows beneath your neck and back? If so, an adjustable bed would allow you to assume the position you need for a good night’s rest, without the pillow stacks. Most adjustable beds can be raised in the middle, allowing users to rest with the knees slightly elevated from the rest of the body.
Do you suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, edema, joint pain, or acid reflux? Or perhaps you or a loved one are bedridden? The ability to adjust the level of your head, upper and lower body can help alleviate many of these problems. Someone who is bedridden may adjust themselves, also allowing them to do everyday activities like watch tv, read, work, and any other number of tasks that can’t be done on a flatbed.
An adjustable bed can also offer benefits in terms of comfort. With its flexible base, an adjustable bed allows for a range of luxury and convenience that typical beds simply don’t provide. Among the other unique qualities of adjustable beds are the vibration mechanisms of certain models, which provide soothing, stress-relieving massage. Most adjustable beds can even be raised in the middle, allowing users to rest with the knees slightly elevated from the rest of the body.
That Mattress Place Corpus Christi currently offers five different adjustable beds, with two featuring massage options. Prices range from $500 to $2,000, which you might easily spend on a regular bed shopping anywhere else. Because you can’t just pair any old mattress with an adjustable base, call us at 361-244-6993 to set up a consultation with our friendly staff in-store located at 3413 S Staples St.ive, Corpus Christi, Texas and let us help get you on your way to your best night’s sleep yet.
Twin Mattress Options at That Mattress Place Corpus Christi 1024 683 Jonathan Swindle

Twin Mattress Options at That Mattress Place Corpus Christi

Twin mattresses are great for guest rooms, kids rooms, dorm rooms, and smaller living spaces for solo sleepers. Regardless of the reason you’re shopping for a new mattress, once you’ve made a list of preferences and decided on your budget the experience shouldn’t leave you ripping at your hair in frustration. Some of the twin mattresses provided at That Mattress Place range from around $100 and up depending on what type of features you’re looking for. 

While it can be tempting to go with the cheapest mattress available, your money will be best spent on purchasing a quality mattress if you’re purchasing for a mattress for your child. A good mattress can last 10 years or more, meaning if you purchase the right bed for a young child, it could last them into their teen years. Paying more money upfront may actually save you money in the long run and save you the headache of having to purchase a new, cheap mattress every few years. Here are just some of the affordable options offered at That Mattress Place Corpus Christi to get you started.

Sapphire Sleep

That Mattress Place offers an 8” and 10” air gel memory foam mattress from Sapphire Sleep in twin sizes. Gel memory foam draws body heat away and allows for breathability while high-density memory foam conforms to your body providing support, pressure point relief, and proper spinal alignment for a great night’s sleep.


Beautyrest mattresses by Simmons provide medium and firm options that get good ratings for comfort and motion isolation by consumers. Simmons Beautyrest beds tend to have thicker-than-average profiles, making them especially suitable for heavier individuals.


That Mattress Place provides an array of 13 options from Corsicana, a mattress company based in Texas that offers memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid beds. Models like the Amethyst, Ruby, and Crazy Quilt are all budget-friendly options for a little one needing to graduate to their own twin mattress.

Whatever brand or price range you’re interested in, call us at 361-244-6993 to set up a consultation with our knowledgeable staff in-store located at 3413 S Staples St.ive, Corpus Christi, Texas. The That Mattress Place Corpus Christi team has over a decade of experience in the industry and offers some of the best customer service in the Coastal Bend. Inventory includes items such as adjustable bases, platforms, box springs, headboards, pillows, and protectors for all of your shopping needs. Don’t miss our Facebook and Instagram for news, satisfied customer testimonials, and promotional offers!

Selecting the best sheets for your bed 1024 683 Jonathan Swindle

Selecting the best sheets for your bed

Your bedding doesn’t just help pull your bedroom together; it can also impact the quality of your rest. Many people consider a good set of sheets a luxury, but they’re also a worthy investment. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune for quality sheets. Here are some tips to help you find and care for your next set of sheets to help you get the best sleep.

Thread Counts

We’ve always heard the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets, and many consumers make their choice based on this feature alone. Good quality sheets have a thread count between 200 and 400, and according to Consumer Reports there’s no reason to pay extra for sheets with a thread count over 400. Independent testing revealed that sheets claiming to have a thread count of 1,200 actually have as few as 416. Don’t forget that other factors can have at least as much of an impact on your sheets’ look, feel, and durability (such as the material or the length of the fiber).

Choose your bed sheet materials carefully

Cotton-poly blends and 100 percent cotton are your best choices as they are comfortable, breathable, and affordable. Look for words like Egyptian, Pima, or Supima as these all refer to quality and indicate a softer cotton. Percale sheets are ideal if you like the feeling of crisp and fresh sheets. Sateen sheets offer something a little softer but are not as durable as a percale weave. Local stores such as Gatherings or a chain like Bed Bath & Beyond carry great options in addition to the accessories provided by That Mattress Place.

Test the sheets out

Many stores will have sample sets either out of the packaging or a fabric swatch available along with the display. Test how the fabric feels against your skin; if it’s itchy or rough against your skin in the store, it’ll feel uncomfortable in your bed too.

Keep them clean

To keep your sheets in top condition, it’s recommended to wash them every week or every two weeks in warm water for hygiene purposes and avoid drying in high heat (unless the manufacturer instructions dictate otherwise). Clean sheets feel better, smell better, and will prevent a build-up of dead skin that dust mites feed on. While it may seem like a good idea to use fabric softener to make your sheets feel even cozier, chemicals in fabric softener can build up and wear out your sheets even faster.

Schedule your consultation with the staff at That Mattress Place Corpus Christi and we can advise you on the correct maintenance of your mattress and more. Contact us today at 361-244-6993 to set up a consultation to test our inventory or drop in and see us at 3413 S Staples St.ive, Corpus Christi, Texas. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram for news, testimonials, and promotional offers.

Choosing a mattress for your Corpus Christi Airbnb Rental 1024 575 Jonathan Swindle

Choosing a mattress for your Corpus Christi Airbnb Rental

If you’ve ever used an online merchant similar to Amazon or services like Yelp and TravelAdvisor, you’re probably pretty familiar with checking the customer ratings before making your purchases. In an online marketplace where your customers can’t physically touch or see your product in person, your customer’s ratings can make or break you. Let’s face it, no one wants to spend their hard-earned cash on a bad product or inferior service, and one easy way to ease that risk as a consumer is by viewing previous customer ratings. Airbnb, Inc. offers a marketplace for arranging and offering lodging to guests and provides a way for homeowners to earn an income playing the perfect host right from their home. Similar to a hotel, potential guests are looking for a clean space and great amenities, but most of all, a comfortable bed! So how do you choose the best option for your Corpus Christi Airbnb rooms that will leave your guests happily snoozing under the sheets?

It’s widely recommended to choose a mattress with medium firmness. Find a mattress that is somewhere between 5 and 7 on the universal firmness scale so that it will be “too soft” or “too firm” for the fewest guests. If you’ll be using a soft mattress topper, find a mattress in the 7-8 range for more support.  For the majority of Airbnbs where a guest is staying 7 nights at most, a well made medium firmness memory foam mattress will get you great reviews while keeping money in your pocket.

Pick something that fits with your listing. If you’re charging $400 a night for your listing on Ocean Drive, a blow-up airbed is not going to cut it. If you’re positioned as a luxury or premium listing, you’ll need something more luxurious to fit your positioning. Invest 5-7 nights of bookings into your mattress if you’re an affordable listing, 2-4 nights of bookings for premium listings. For premium listings, consider adding an adjustable bed base to really take your guest’s experience to the next level. That Mattress Place offers Queen mattress options beginning at just $90 so you’re guaranteed to find options to fit even the tightest budget. That Mattress Place also sells cooling pillows starting at $70 to help keep your guests cool in our summer heat.

Whether you’re considering becoming a host for Airbnb or have already taken the plunge, That Mattress Place Corpus Christi offers high quality and affordable mattresses, furniture, and accessories to save you money while allowing your guests to sleep like a baby. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi focuses on low overhead to save you up to 40-70% off the Big Box retail stores; support your local and veteran-owned mattress store by stopping in for a consultation and letting their knowledgeable staff keep you AND your guests happy!

Shopping tips when buying a new mattress 1024 684 Jonathan Swindle

Shopping tips when buying a new mattress

Buying a new mattress is easier than ever without requiring you to even step foot in a store if you don’t wish to. However, with so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused on where to even begin. How do you know which retailer to choose with all of the fierce competition for your business? Should you attempt to buy your mattress online for the convenience, hoping the mixed bag of reviews will give you a decent idea of what it will really feel like? How do you know what typical prices will look like? Here are some tips and what to expect in order to make your buying experience run more smoothly from start to finish. 

Compare the types

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, you could be overwhelmed by the variety of choices and prices, ranging from too-low-to-believe to astronomical. After years of testing, Consumer Reports suggests settling around $1,000 for a comfortable, quality mattress. Options include mattresses made of memory foam, innerspring, latex, and gel, or hybrids. Each has its own benefits and possible disadvantage depending on your personal needs.

Shop in-store

Even if you ultimately decide it’s not for you and you’d rather shop online, start in-house; no amount of online research can substitute for the experience of trying out mattresses in a store. Plus, when you shop with a business-like That Mattress Place, you’ll get exceptional customer service and access to staff with over 10 years of experience in the business who can answer questions you may have. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi is a factory-direct business, meaning you’ll also get great options at discounted rates between 40 to 70%.

Test drive the mattresses

Another reason to check out a physical store is the ability to test the feel of a mattress before you buy.  If possible, lie on the mattresses you’re considering purchasing. Don’t feel self-conscious or be hurried into making a purchase; a mattress is a big investment. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and plan on spending at least 5 to 10 minutes laying on each side, your back, and stomach if necessary to get a good feel for the mattress. Couples should test new mattresses together.

Check Return Policies

Ask about trial periods and “comfort returns,” meaning that you can return the mattress if you’re unhappy for any reason, although some retailers charge a restocking fee. Before buying, make sure you understand exactly how the return policy works. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Make sure to check out the mattress warranty as well.

Delivery Day

Never accept delivery without inspecting your purchase for damage and keep any labels on the mattress in the event you need to file a warranty claim in the future. Photos of damage may come in handy if requested by the customer service representative for proof of the damage.

Whether you’re just considering a new mattress, or have already started the shopping process, That Mattress Place Corpus Christi offers high quality and affordable mattresses, furniture, and accessories to save you money. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi focuses on low overhead to save you up to 40-70% off the Big Box retail stores; support your local and veteran-owned mattress store by calling 361-876-4445  to set up a consultation appointment and letting their knowledgeable staff make your experience as painless as possible!