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Tips for achieving maximum comfort in your bed

Tips for achieving maximum comfort in your bed

Tips for achieving maximum comfort in your bed 683 1024 Jonathan Swindle
A decent night’s sleep is critical for your mood, cognitive function, and even your overall health. Think about the last time you stayed at a nice hotel with no agenda for the morning and the chance to sleep in a little; do you remember having an amazing sleep and waking up feeling refreshed? I bet they provided a big, comfortable mattress to sink into with amazingly soft sheets, and just the right amount of plush pillows to support your head. Or maybe it’s been a while since your last vacation, but that sounds amazing and your own bed could use a little overhaul now that you think about it. Whether you’ve already dropped into That Mattress Place Corpus Christi for a mattress at a discounted price, or your budget isn’t quite ready yet for that type of expense, here are some ideas to help maximize the comfort level of your bedding. 

Mattress Toppers

Mattress pads and covers are essential to extending the life of your mattress as well as keeping it clean. Mattress pads are also a great way to change the feel of your bed without breaking the bank and are as easy to remove or replace as a fitted sheet. Mattress protectors and pads offer options such as a water-resistant layer if needed, extra pillowy padding to change the softness, and even cooling pads or gels for hot sleepers to help regulate your temperature.

Finding your perfect pillow

On the reverse side of that great hotel bed we still dream about, we’ve all slept in other beds where the mattress was acceptable enough, but the pillows might as well have been nonexistent. The wrong pillow can cause neck pain, sleeplessness, headaches, and even encourage problems such as snoring and sleep apnea. The key to finding the right pillow starts with your preferred sleeping position and will ultimately help decide what level of softness or firmness would work for you. Pillows with cooling gel features can further increase your comfort.

Quality Sheets

If you’ve never had a set of nice sheets for your bed, it might be time to change that and live a little. Many people consider a good set of sheets a luxury, but they’re also a worthy investment. Not sure what type of sheet to buy? Cotton-poly blends and 100 percent cotton are your best choices as they are comfortable, breathable, and affordable. Look for words like Egyptian, Pima, or Supima as these all refer to quality and indicate softer cotton. Percale sheets are ideal if you like the feeling of crisp and fresh sheets. Sateen sheets offer something a little softer but are not as durable as a percale weave. Local stores such as Gatherings or a chain like Bed Bath & Beyond carry great options in addition to the accessories provided by That Mattress Place.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Your Comfort In Bed

One of the great things about maximizing the comfort of your bed is that there aren’t any strict rules; it’s all about what feels best to you and your personal preference. While we give you some options to think about, here are a few more tips to consider:

  • Rotate your mattress regularly to maintain it
  • Wash your sheets every two weeks
  • Replace your pillow every six to 18 months
  • Keep your room cool between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Consider an electric blanket or heating pad for chilly nights

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