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That Mattress Place Has Affordable Quality Mattresses at Discounted Rates 1019 1024 Jonathan Swindle

That Mattress Place Has Affordable Quality Mattresses at Discounted Rates

Have you been putting off buying a new mattress because of the known costs associated with that sort of purchase? Most mattress retailers must raise prices on their inventory due to the overhead costs of housing their inventory which can lead one to think there are no affordable options. That Mattress Place strays away from this way of standardized retailing by cutting out the middleman and getting you the best value on the same mattresses that are held in big-box retailers.

Our Mattress Selection

Our inventory houses recognizable brands such as Beautyrest and Sealy Mattresses in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes at a wholesale price. We offer the specialty mattress brands, Sapphire and Diamond Sleep, for those individuals who are looking to try a more modern approach to sleep. Sapphire Sleep’s Cool Phase Technology takes the natural heat your body puts out and transfers and absorbs it through the gel and foam layers within the mattress to provide the user with a cooling effect throughout the duration of their sleep. Be sure to purchase one of our Cooling Pillows, as well, to keep you cool all through your night. 

Our Mattress Prices

Our Wholesale prices will get you the most quantity and quality for your specific budget and our dedicated consultants will work with you through our ACIMA Financing Option should you need assistance. With ACIMA we can get you settled with the mattress of your dreams for only $50 down and a 90-Day Payment Option. So there’s no reason why you can’t get your mattress and a pillow, too!

Visit our Showroom and meet our friendly staff at 3413 S Staples St.., Corpus Christi, TX, to test our mattresses and discuss what is the best option for you. Or you can call us at 361-876-4445 for a brief, over-the-phone consultation and schedule a time to stop by.

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That Mattress Place Has The Best Deals on Brand Name Mattresses at 40-70% Off Retail Price 944 944 Jonathan Swindle

That Mattress Place Has The Best Deals on Brand Name Mattresses at 40-70% Off Retail Price

Buying a mattress direct with That Mattress Place Corpus Christi gets you the most savings and the best quality mattress to make as an addition to your sleep care routine. That Mattress Place is dedicated to implementing a mattress in your life that will provide the relief and comfort your body needs. We have extensive knowledge of the mattress industry and hope to help you navigate this purchase.

Quality and Comfort

From Sealy to BeautyRest to Sapphire Sleep Mattresses, we carry brand names you know, and trust, to get you that quality mattress you deserve. We carry a range of styles, including Memory Foam, Pillow and Euro Top, and our specialty Cooling Pillow and Down Pillow Top mattresses. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi delivers quality and comfortable mattresses that will make you glad you chose to visit our showroom rather than any of our competitors. 

How That Mattress Place Compares to Other Mattress Retailers

That Mattress Place Corpus Christi differs from our competitors by offering wholesale prices rather than the normal retail pricing associated with mattresses. We provide the same level of expertise as a big-box retailer because our mattress consultants have over two decades of combined experience in the industry. Our wholesale prices can save you up to 70% off the standard mattress costs and you can walk away knowing you’ve got the best deal while supporting a local, family and veteran operated business. 

We genuinely care about each one of our customers and have the goal of making your best sleep our priority. To find out about our previous customers and how their experience was, visit our Facebook page for reviews and comments about our services.